Top 10 Websites to find Monitoring and Evaluation Jobs

Finding the right fit in your monitoring and evaluation position can be a challenging task. Some practitioners may prefer to work in a research or data post, across a range of subject areas, whereas others may be committed to studying the change created by a particular project or with regards to a particular cause. Whether you are looking for the right organizational fit for your skillset; be it strategy, analytics, or impact; or whether you are looking to freelance, and use a range of skills in different areas as projects arise, this list of the Top Ten Websites to find Monitoring and Evaluation jobs is sure to set you on the right path. It helps to be clear on your areas of strength and weakness, and read job descriptions with a view to finding the perfect match, before embarking on rigorous application processes. In such a diverse field, you may find it useful auditing a few online courses to close gaps, but this list of sites will certainly help you to shape your ideal career, or just find your next best fit.


Although not exclusively focused on M&E, this remains one of the best sites for sourcing consultancy, or development positions. This site, featuring the “best international charity and NGO jobs in the UK and around the world” maintains a broad scope of opportunities around fundraising, research, development practice, and Monitoring and Evaluation. Although the site features only a few jobs at a time, it is also a great place to visit for news, and development opportunities as you pursue you career in M&E.


ReliefWeb forms part of a suite of services offered by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and is run from OCHA’s information management office. The primary function of ReliefWeb is as a highly valuable information platform featuring a range of fascinating articles from various agencies, governments and think-tanks. This site includes a jobs bulletin, and a range of training opportunities for practitioners, to better equip themselves to fulfil specific roles. You can easily filter for ‘Career Category’ and then select ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ to narrow down your search. If you’re looking to work in emergency relief, or disaster management, then this is a great place to start.

The South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association

If you’re particularly interested in pursuing projects in sub-Saharan Africa, you would be well advised to keep up to date with the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA)’s jobs bulletin which features M&E specific permanent and consultancy positions. Evidence-based work is a major focus as funders commit to social investment in Africa, and want to test for and see real returns. This remains an excellent source for real, in-depth evaluation opportunities. The site includes a range of useful resources and hosts various world-class events in M&E training.


One of the most comprehensive of job boards in M&E is sure to be the EVALCOMMUNITY jobs site. This site aims to match candidates to the perfect jobs, allowing job seekers to search opportunities, but also allowing employers to search a database of resumes. This site, focusing on Monitoring and Evaluation includes jobs all over the world, and is a great place to find your next career transforming adventure, as you contribute to some of the most cutting edge development thinking with major development institutions. You will find a number of the United Nation’s M&E opportunities listed here, opportunities from the World Health Organization, and also a range of opportunities offered by smaller, boutique consultancies globally.


devex is a multifaceted website for the development sector, which includes an interface for employers, job seekers, and for those seeking funding. If you’re an M&E professional looking for a permanent job, their extensive list of development jobs is sure to assist you in your search, and you might find your skillset better suited to related areas of research, or development practice. With the option to seek funding, if you’re consulting independently and are interested in an evaluation or research project to reveal special findings, then this site may also hold the support you seek. devex also produces a range of interesting media on the sector, and takes contributions.

Charity Jobs

This is a great site for all non-profit and charity jobs, which focuses on UK based opportunities, but includes a range of jobs with European based headquarters, but based in more far off places. Although not dedicated to Monitoring and Evaluation careers, this site allows a filtered search for such positions, or similar positions in strategy and research. This is a great site for all jobs from entry level, right up to senior management positions in major philanthropic organisations. This site is definitely worth a bookmark if you’re looking at a shift.


If you’re driven by a deep motivation to do good, and create change, then idealist is an excellent platform. Focusing on a specific niche of jobs which all involve substantial leverage for change, this is a great site for those looking to make an impact. This site features jobs worldwide, and in a range of disciplines, but includes a number of US based options in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe.


DevNetJobs is by far the largest of International Development jobs portals, and this site has introduced a premium membership function making the paid service a necessity if you’re on a serious search. The search function is somewhat broader, and a search for M&E will yield a range of options where this might only be a small part of the job description, making a highly specified search quite tedious. But nonetheless, this site is comprehensive, and taking some time to explore may just pay off. The site also sends regular email updates of available jobs based on your search criteria – useful to keep your eye on the radar even if you’re not planning to make a move in the immediate future.


DevJ conveniently sorts jobs by type, and has a clearly marked monitoring and evaluation category making for a really easy search. Although this site only lists a few, more select opportunities, it tends to feature a number of interesting consulting projects. If you’re looking at going it alone, as a freelance M&E specialist then this site may be just the place to land your first big project.


Although there are a number of boutique search engines for specific development related searches, don’t underestimate the power of a keyword search on LinkedIn to produce a range of really interesting and accessible jobs in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation. Although the user may have to wade through mounds of less suitable positions, a search on LinkedIn provides insight into how M&E skills might be used in areas other than International Development or Humanitarian work, and users may find a role around analytics in the private sector, a new startup, or a social investment company looking to maximise their investments though sound monitoring and evaluation.

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Angela Biden is a consulting strategist and M&E consultant. She has worked across a range of development, and business contexts. She holds a Masters in Economics and Philosophy, and has worked in the nexus of M&E and social impact; to help those doing good do more of it; for some 15 years. From policy board rooms, to Tech start-ups, to grass roots NGOs working in the face of the world’s most abject challenges; Angela is focused on conducting relevant and meaningful M&E: fit for purpose, realistic, and useful for stakeholders creating positive change.
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