Top Online Courses for International Development and Aid Professionals

On this page we have compiled a list of well-rated courses for development and aid professionals. The courses are taught by renowned universities around the world and by international NGOs. All courses are either entirely free or free to audit. For the courses that are free to audit, you can opt-in for a paid certificate for an extra fee that normally costs around $50 USD. If you cannot afford the fee, course providers offer financial aid for those who qualify. Unfortunately, for most course providers it can take several weeks to get approved for financial aid. Please note that we are affiliate partners of some of the course providers. This means we earn a small fee when you upgrade to a paid certificate. While this doesn’t cover our costs, it helps run this site and there is no difference in price for you. Occasionally you will actually get a discount. Thank you for supporting our site.

Strategic Planning & Policy

Program Design

Monitoring & Evaluation

Research Design, Analysis, Methodology

Surveys & Statistics


Capacity Building

Financial Management

Information Technology




Human Rights

International Development

Humanitarian Aid, Response, Action

International Organizations Management

Case Studies

Gender Equality and Equity

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