At tools4dev we are always looking for new people to contribute articles. If you have an idea for an article, or you would like to request that a particular topic or tool is covered on the website, please contact us. All contributing authors have their bio included at the bottom of the article.

Our website has three types of articles:

  • Reviews – this includes reviews of books, tools (e.g. measurement instruments), and technology (e.g. software, online applications).
  • How To Guides – these are step-by-step guides on common tasks, such as designing surveys or writing proposals. The include both a video and text version.
  • Blog Posts – these are posts on general topics related to international development. They mainly focus on practical challenges that people may encounter when they are implementing programs, and how the challenges could be solved.

The main target audience for the website is international development and aid work practitioners who are directly implementing programs. Because of this we generally stay away from very theoretical or academic content, and opinion pieces that discuss problems without providing any practical solutions.

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