How to write an M&E framework – Free video tutorial & templates


Before you start the tutorial, download this M&E framework template and example:

Download the M&E Framework Template Download the M&E Framework Example

Then watch the following videos to learn how to complete the template in five steps.

Step 1: Getting started

This first video explains what you will need to do before you write your M&E framework, including the importance of having a good logical framework.

Step 2: Choosing your indicators

Watch this video to find out about choosing the indicators that will be used to measure the success of your project.

Step 3: Defining each indicator

Writing a clear definition for each indicator is very important. This video explains how to write the definitions for your indicators.

Step 4: Identifying the data source, frequency, responsibility and reporting

Your M&E framework will need to specify where the data will be sourced from, how often, who is responsible, and where the results will be reported for each indicator. Watch this video for tips on completing these sections.

Step 5: Measuring the baseline and setting the target

This video gives important tips and guidelines for measuring the baseline and setting targets for each indicator.

Common Mistakes

This final video goes through an example of an M&E framework and shows how to identify and correct some of the most common mistakes. Use the checklist to review your own framework for common errors.

Download checklist Download example

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