Process Flow

Swim Lane Template (Cross-Functional Diagram)

Swim Lane diagrams are used to document and visualise processes in and between organisations. Mapping out the steps that groups / departments undertake can help to identify problems and areas of inefficiency.

Swim Lane Diagrams are also called Rummler-Brache Diagrams and Cross-Functional Flowcharts

This simple Swim Lane diagram template can help you visualise processes in your organisaiton.

Download the Swim Lane template

Swim Lane Template screenshot

This Swim Lane template is useful when:

  • You need a simple diagram to visualise a process that contains less than seven actors/groups
  • You do not have access to visualisation software such as Microsoft Visio
  • You do have access to Microsoft PowerPoint

This Swim Lane template is NOT useful when:

  • The process that you want to visualise is particularly complex or involves a large number of actors/groups (you’re better off to break down the overall process into smaller sub-processes).
  • Your organisation already has a template for documenting and visualising processes.
  • You do not have access to Microsoft PowerPoint

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