Jenny Holden

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Jenny is a research and evaluation specialist with experience working for international NGOs and UN agencies. With a Master's degree in medical anthropology, Jenny is passionate about the power of social science research to improve development progamming, and has a particular interest in using participatory research techniques to evaluate international development programmes.

Using the ‘Most Significant Change’ (MSC) Technique to measure the intangible

In development, it is essential to measure if programs are having the desired impact. However, intangible goals such as ’empowerment’, ‘leadership skills’ and ‘confidence’ are difficult to measure with normal quantitative monitoring tools. This is particularly true in social change programs where improvements in attitudes, behaviour and beliefs take place …

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Doing Focus Groups – Book Review

I was recently involved in a frustrating debate with a World Bank development economist where qualitative research was dismissed as ‘not reliable and anecdotal’. Thankfully, this view now appears to be in the minority, as international NGOs and UN agencies are increasingly recognising and utilising qualitative research methods such as …

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