Challenges of Global Poverty on EdX

Free EdX course The Challenges of Global Poverty starts 5 Feb 2014

Just an announcement that the free EdX course The Challenges of Global Poverty is being run again from 5 February 2014 and is highly recommended for International Development / Global Aid professionals.

Delivered by two of the top thinkers in international development economics, Esther Duflo and Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, this is a fantastic introduction to global poverty. The course looks at what works (and what doesn’t) based on social experiments in the areas of poverty, education, health and microfinance.

While you can view the course materials at any time, to receive the certificate of accomplishment and engage in the discussions you have to take the course when it is officially running on EdX.

The Challenges of Global Poverty – on EdX

Interested in other training options?

There are other free online courses for international development / global aid professionals as well.

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