Scholarships for M&E Masters

There are a number of scholarship programmes, providing funding for students from all over the world, to attend some of the most prestigious graduate schools available. Finding your niche in M&E involves a good foundation in Economics, Social Sciences, Development Practice, or Data Practices, and the career is a good fit for anyone seeking to create meaningful change. From this foundation, scholarships across a range of degrees will enable you to complete the graduate study programme in the specialisation area of your choosing. Whether this is more technical with broad application, of highly speciliased in a particular field, this selection of Scholarship opportunities should assist you finding your path to securing your own comprehensive skillset to realise the change you hope to see in the world.

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Programme – Stanford University

This is a programme which seeks to develop young leaders across a range of disciplines. The programme not only covers the full cost of study, but opens the space for collaboration, communication and innovation between recipients, as they develop academically, and professionally. The Scholarship looks for thoughtful and independent people, with strong leadership skills, and a drive to make a difference as a citizens of the world. The Stanford Graduate Programme could include studies in Economics, Biomedical Informatics (if you are looking to get into health-related M&E or epidemiology), Statistics if you’re interested in evaluation using quantitative techniques, Public Policy and a range of education-related disciplines.

Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarships – University of Bath

There are 3 scholarships of 5000 GBP each awarded each year for Social Sciences through the Dean’s award. The University of Bath is home to a prestigious Economics Masters programmes, which equips students with rigorous qualitative and quantitative research methods, and well as key skills in econometrics. This analytic skillset would certainly prove useful in M&E practice. Other departments in the faculty include the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies. A foundation in International Relations, Political Economy and development related areas is a key skill for understanding international development practice, and all the statutory frameworks into which meaningful M&E should fit. Perhaps the Department of Social and Policy Sciences with its programmes and focus on policy and development is the best situation for your preferred niche. This Department goes on to provide a PhD stream in quantitative research methods for the Social Sciences. Whichever path, if you achieved academic excellence in your undergraduate studies, you may be eligible to apply.

KROC Institute for International Peace Studies; Master of Global Affairs Scholarship– University of Notre Dame

The Kroc Institute is situated in the University of Notre Dame in the USA. This opportunity provides a scholarship for comprehensive study of Global Affairs, Sustainable Development and International Peace Studies. The Sustainable Development stream is particularly applicable to a career in M&E, providing participants with skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods, and problem solving. If you see your specialist area of work being subject related, and centred around conflict resolution, and institution building, with M&E as an aspect of this, then the International Peace Studies stream may be more appropriate. This Scholarship Opportunity is an excellent option for students from around the world seeking to enter the world of development leadership with a rigorous and comprehensive qualification, and real world exposure.

MSc in Social Science Research Methods and Statistics Scholarship – University of Manchester’s Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research

This GBP 6000 award to study this Social Science Research Methods course at Manchester is an excellent option for any students studying Social Statistics, or Economics at undergraduate level and looking to acquire additional, technical qualitative and quantitative analytic skills. Becoming an M&E specialist requires an understanding of how to manage information, and how to build this into systems which represent the social reality and which can show change over time. Mastering Social Science Research methods can enable participants to measure, and better understand social situations.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program – Various Universities and Disciplines

This prestigious scholarship programme includes opportunities at a range of universities around the world. These include the Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Cape Town in Africa, the University of British Columbia, the University of Edinburgh and others in various locations. The University of Cape Town offers a compelling Masters degree in Programme Evaluation as one potential option, while the University of Edinburgh offers an MSc in Arica and International Development, Economic and Social History or Social Research; all disciplines relevant to a career in M&E or development.  For the Masters Scholarships, candidates are required to be under the age of 35 at the time of the award, and all applicants need to show an excellent academic record to be accepted onto the programme. Finally and should be able to show evidence of their commitment to making a difference in the world.

Michael Wills Scholarships for International Students – Oxford

The Michael Wills Scholarships focus on development studies at Oxford including the MPhil Development Studies, MSc Economics for Development, MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy and 2 courses covering Refugee and Migration Studies. This is an excellent scholarship for any person pursuing a career in M&E in these specific development areas. As a subject specialist in Economics, or Development, transitioning to a career in M&E is in line with the way that current development practice is heading – focusing on evidence-based approaches, and strong data. These scholarships are funded with support from the Dulverton Trust, and Oxford’s Department of International Development making this not only a powerful education, but an opportunity for building strong networks into philanthropy and academia at the heart of the development agenda. These scholarships are offered to African students.

The Clarendon Fund – Oxford

If you apply to study at Oxford, you will automatically be considered for a Clarendon Scholarship, and through this, will become part of a dynamic group of future leaders and scholars. With an excellent academic background, you might apply for a masters in Evidence based Intervention and Policy Evaluation. If you qualify for this degree, you could simultaneously put in an application for student funding to the university to secure this or a range of other potential university funding options.

Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholarships for Developing Countries – Oxford University

Students from developing countries looking to create tangible social change in their home countries, through the implementation of sound development practice and M&E would be eligible for the Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholarship. This scholarship funds an MSc in Economics or Development, the MSc in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation, or the MSc in Global Health Science, amongst other specialist fields in development practice. This would form a strong foundation for supplementary M&E skills. Other courses in statistics, and social science research methods are significant for the analysis of data around human behaviour, social patterns and development practice.

Dubin Graduate Fellowship for Emerging Leaders – Harvard Kennedy School

If your passion for pursuing a career in M&E is rooted in skills in public policy development, and creating strong public institutions for international development; or potentially for a career in international policy and development practice, then this would be a good option. The Masters Programme in Public Administration and International Development could lead to a fruitful career in international organisations; setting policies, plans and KPIS for development at the global level.

SERI: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreign Scholars

The Swiss confederation awards their Government Excellence Scholarships to students for research in any discipline, or Scholarships for Art. This research scholarship would be applicable if you have perhaps been in the workplace for some time and have a development question you might be able to pursue at a Swiss university. These scholarships are awarded to promote “international exchange, and research cooperation” between Switzerland and partner countries around the globe. As a graduate of economics working in Sudan or example, wishing to more deeply explore the potential of a specific education reform programme, through comprehensive evaluation, why not put in a sound research proposal to be awarded this funding.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship for International Students – Cambridge University

This opportunity, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, offers full funding to study at the University of Cambridge (with a few exclusions). If you have focused on education, health, or human rights in your undergraduate studies, and would like to supplement this with an improved understanding of how to analyse and use data in social science, or how innovation can change the game, and if you have a sincere drive to change the world for the better, then this is a powerful award to take your career further. This opportunity, for around 80 carefully selected, committed future leaders could take you through the Judge Business School’s Masters in Social Innovation, or perhaps the MPhil in Innovation, Strategy and Organisation to reach new heights in your development and M&E career.

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About Angela Biden

Angela Biden is a consulting strategist and M&E consultant. She has worked across a range of development, and business contexts. She holds a Masters in Economics and Philosophy, and has worked in the nexus of M&E and social impact; to help those doing good do more of it; for some 15 years. From policy board rooms, to Tech start-ups, to grass roots NGOs working in the face of the world’s most abject challenges; Angela is focused on conducting relevant and meaningful M&E: fit for purpose, realistic, and useful for stakeholders creating positive change.
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