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The Master of Science in Engineering, Sustainability and Health degree provides graduates with the foundational skills needed to excel in the transformation of corporate, non-profit (NPO) and non-governmental organizations (NGO) committed to a balance between technology and the built environment, sustainability and health. The program provides mid-career professionals with the capabilities to move within their own organization or to facilitate career changes into areas concerning energy, water, humanitarian aid, corporate social responsibility, and international/global development. This program is also ideal for parents returning to work after a career break, as they can stay at home with young children whilst studying.

With a focus on critical approaches to problem solving through innovation, MESH graduates are well positioned for leadership and managerial positions. Those who wish to begin their own venture will develop the capabilities and skills needed to create and manage their own equitable organizations. Other graduates will be able to leverage their skills and experience for greater upward mobility in their professions to become value-driven, critical change-making managers, executive officers, consultants, and instructors at colleges and universities.

The Master of Science in Engineering, Sustainability and Health is a 30-unit project-based program that is designed to be completed in 20 months over five semesters.

The program is offered 100% online using the Canvas learning management system and requires students to take two seven-week-long courses each semester, including a culminating capstone course that involves the development and completion of a major project related to the interconnection between sustainability, health, engineering and justice.

The MESH program is organized around the following themes:

  • Engineering for Planetary Health
  • Engineering for Sustainability
  • Just Transitions
  • Transitioning to Alternatives

Who Should Enroll?

Anyone that is passionate about our natural and built environments. Your experience doesn’t need to be within an engineering discipline. Whether you’re a STEM enthusiast, a health advocate, or a sustainability champion, MESH is for you.

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