Humanitarian Action, Response and Relief

In this course offered by Coventry University you will learn about the basic principles and concepts of humanitarian relief and disaster management. The course is taught by Martin Nthakomwa, Lecturer in International Disaster Relief and Community Reconstruction, and takes roughly 6 hours to complete. In this online course you will examine important documents such as the Geneva Convention, the Hague Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

You will learn about the ethics of humanitarian work, explore key concepts of humanitarian operations and equip yourself with essential terminology for engaging in humanitarian missions. The course will provide you with an overview of key stakeholders during humanitarian operations and their tasks and responsibilities. Beyond that, you will learn about different aspects of disaster management and assessment, including the various types of assessment, their purpose and how to assess capacities. Overall, the course is a well-research and hands-on introduction for everyone who considers a career in the humanitarian sector.

While you can audit the course for free, learners who wish to obtain a verified certificate are required to pay an extra fee. Financial aid is available for those who qualify through the course provider.

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