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Types of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

The type of M&E system you choose to build, could determine how successful and relevant your M&E is. Finding the right fit it important. There may some standard steps but positioning your M&E system within a specific conceptual framework adds to the quality and makes any analysis far more systematic. …

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10 Paid Internships in Monitoring & Evaluation

There are a number of prestigious internships available to aspiring development and M&E professionals. Working in development can be complex, and each professional decision can be significant in this fast-paced and competitive professional arena. Any one of these opportunities stands to fast-track young leaders in global development and will certainly …

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5 Smart Indicators in Monitoring and Evaluation

SMART indicators, and the theory around using the SMART criteria to select what you measure has had a significant positive impact on the way the implementers think about the projects which they are doing. SMART indicators are: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time-Bound This useful framework is an excellent way …

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What is Participatory Decision-Making?

Who gets to take the lead when it comes to decision-making in organizations? In the government? Participatory decision-making is collaborative, so everyone – no matter their rank in the hierarchy – gets to participate in a decision. Participatory decision-making (abbreviated as “PDM”) is often talked about in a corporate or …

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Top 5 Ethical Considerations in Monitoring and Evaluation

There are a number of important considerations regarding ethics when working in Monitoring and Evaluation. With the rise of data, many countries have improved and updated their data protection laws which is an important development, but there are more practical considerations at play too, to ensure that your work remains …

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Bachelor’s Degrees in Monitoring and Evaluation

If you’re looking to start a career in monitoring and evaluation, then this guide will assist you in locating the best possible pathway from the undergraduate level. Monitoring and Evaluation is not a subject in itself widely offered at universities, although the knowledge base is formalising over time, but rather, …

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Scholarships for M&E Masters

There are a number of scholarship programmes, providing funding for students from all over the world, to attend some of the most prestigious graduate schools available. Finding your niche in M&E involves a good foundation in Economics, Social Sciences, Development Practice, or Data Practices, and the career is a good …

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How to Create a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

When designing a monitoring and evaluation plan, just as for any project plan, it is always a good idea to begin with a clear articulation of what the M&E hopes to achieve. Having a clear understanding of what the M&E role and function is required to accomplish is key to …

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Career Paths in Monitoring & Evaluation

Studying M&E and related topics can lead to a range of potential career options. You may have a calling to address a specific issue, perhaps relating to health, or education, and thus your choice of study, first job and career path may involve becoming a specialist in a specific sector. …

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When and why would I need an Independent Evaluation?

One of the key considerations about good evaluation is being able to take a truly objective view of the events and achievements of the project, and to evaluate how the planning and design worked, or did not work in achieving the results, and the true value of the results achieved. …

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