MSc Global Health Management

This modern, digital-first course will provide you with all the latest health, technical, managerial, and leadership skills you need to excel in health management from a global perspective. You’ll cover some of today’s most pressing global healthcare issues, ensuring you’re ready to take on the real-life challenges you might face …

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MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Having been devised in consultation with leading employers in supply chain, this course will provide you with the cutting-edge skills needed to address the sector’s most pressing issues. You’ll learn how to develop agile, digital, customer-responsive, and profitable supply chains within today’s global business environment, preparing you for senior management …

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MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management

Big Data has become essential to modern business practices, meaning there’s currently a high demand for professionals with advanced skills in this area. This course combines two related disciplines to provide you with the data skills needed to capitalise on this growing sector. Covering the latest developments in the field, …

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Master of Public Health

This flexible and contemporary course has been developed to meet the growing demand for graduates with a passion for managing and leading preventive health services in communicable and non-communicable diseases. The course will prepare students for the digital, data-driven world that the public health profession has moved into, providing them …

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