Angela Biden

Angela Biden is a consulting strategist and M&E consultant. She has worked across a range of development, and business contexts. She holds a Masters in Economics and Philosophy, and has worked in the nexus of M&E and social impact; to help those doing good do more of it; for some 15 years. From policy board rooms, to Tech start-ups, to grass roots NGOs working in the face of the world’s most abject challenges; Angela is focused on conducting relevant and meaningful M&E: fit for purpose, realistic, and useful for stakeholders creating positive change.

Top 10 Websites to find Monitoring and Evaluation Jobs

Finding the right fit in your monitoring and evaluation position can be a challenging task. Some practitioners may prefer to work in a research or data post, across a range of subject areas, whereas others may be committed to studying the change created by a particular project or with regards …

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Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for NGOs

If you are running a mission driven organisation, with a range of funders, having the right tools to monitor your organisation will ensure that your process management is accurate and effective, and that you can show precisely how the work of your team creates the impacts you are able to …

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Top 5 M&E Networks, Groups, Associations and Agencies

When working in Monitoring and Evaluation, particularly in a consultancy role, being part of associations and ensuring that you are aware of important affiliations is important. There is a long overdue, strong drive to professionalize M&E practice and to ensure that practitioners around the world adhere to quality standards. This …

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How to become and M&E Consultant in 6 steps

Step 1: Get an undergraduate degree If you have an analytical mind, and a passion for working in development, you can pivot to M&E from a broad range of undergraduate degrees. On the one hand, a subject specialisation helps, such as ecology, for example, or perhaps sociology. But a more …

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Top 10 Benefits of Monitoring and Evaluation

There are countless great reasons for investing in and developing your Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes and systems. It is something that we should all being in development policy and practice to ensure that we are adding the most value to our work and that the work is having the …

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Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for Projects


The range of tools available to monitor and evaluate projects is growing. As you apply for funding to implement your project, you will realise how important it is to remain accountable. In many cases, just having the right tools, with the ability to properly monitor your success and impact is …

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Top 8 Tools for M&E Practice

Whether you’re looking to build a simple log frame, or to conduct a complex evaluative project, there are a number of useful tools and resources available to assist you. This list of tools, and their sources will assist you in staying up to date on current trends as your M&E …

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5 Tools and Resources for Social Impact Assessment

The field of measuring social impact to evaluate or justify investment is a growing field, one which has the potential to attract substantial investment to solving development issues. This is a great opportunity to diversify your fundraising, but in turn, demands a clear statement of the measured impact you can …

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Types of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

The type of M&E system you choose to build, could determine how successful and relevant your M&E is. Finding the right fit it important. There may some standard steps but positioning your M&E system within a specific conceptual framework adds to the quality and makes any analysis far more systematic. …

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